Investing in gold


Transform discretionary spending into investing dollars​


Turn a liability you are already buying into a major asset. Pay for precious metal, not markups.

Diversification & Protection

Diversify your portfolio with an investment that protects you against market turmoil and inflation.

Enjoy it, don't store it

Rather than hiding the beauty of gold in a safe, invest in a truly wearable asset. Precious metal investing done the right way.


Store of value

Throughout history gold has been used to store wealth. This is down to golds unique properties of being rare and permanent and its ability to keep pace with the cost of goods of the day.

Inflation erodes the value of currency, which is why investing is so important. A dollar tomorrow is worth less than today. Gold can protect your purchasing power and combat inflation.

Unlike money or bonds, the government can’t “print” or issue more gold. Gold deposits are becoming more scarce and the average grade of gold being mined is trending down constraining new supply. Gold is the most non-reactive of metals and does not degrade, rust or tarnish over time. 

Whether looking for a hedge against inflation and the stock market, or simply looking for a alluring piece of jewelry, Ludus ensures that your money is well invested. Ludus is looking to partner with mindful consumers that want to know that their money is not being wasted. Instead of spending discretionary dollars on costume jewelry, invest in true luxury jewelry that becomes part of your investment portfolio.

The term gold bullion simply refers physical gold that is typically in the shape of coins or bars. Ludus jewelry is similar to bullion in that they are both made of pure 24k gold. While gold bullion is stored in a safe, Ludus offers this same gold in the form of beautiful and timeless pieces that can be worn and enjoyed while watching your investment grow.

There are many ways to invest in gold. A popular way is buying an exchange traded fund (ETF) linked to the price of gold. While there are some advantages there are also significant drawbacks. One drawback is the investor does not own the gold and is exposed to counterparty risk, in essence relying on a third party that could file for bankruptcy. Ludus delivers the security of owning physical gold, a portable, tangible asset with no counterparty risk.

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