Diamond Cross Necklaces

Diamond Cross Necklaces & Pendants

Diamond cross necklaces and pendants hold deep symbolic meaning for many wearers. When selecting the perfect diamond cross, careful attention should be paid to the diamond quality, the setting style, as well as personalizing with a chain and embellishments. 

Diamond Quality

As the cross design is simple yet stunning, it shows off the diamonds beautifully. We recommend near colorless stones graded G-H to prevent any yellow tint. Clarity grades of SI1-SI2 will face up eye clean. For maximum fire, ideally cut diamonds with excellent polish and symmetry are key. Common diamond cuts for crosses include round, princess, baguette and trillion.

Cross Settings 

The setting plays a big role in security and design. Classic four or six prong settings allow light entry from all sides. Pave set crosses offer continuous sparkle across the design. Bezel settings provide a smooth, contemporary look. For added luxury, rose or yellow gold crosses with a white gold or platinum outlining makes the diamonds pop. 

Personalized Chains

Crosses may be worn on chains ranging from 16 to 20 inches typically. Consider gold or platinum chains in various widths and link styles. Add a personalized nameplate or birthstone for a meaningful touch. For pendants, enhance with a delicate solitaire bail or diamond encrusted bale.

Added Embellishments

Some designs incorporate jewel accents like emerald, rubies or sapphires for color. Side stone halos in round, baguette or trillion cuts also add dimension. Larger carat weights make for an impressive statement. For custom orders, fingerprint engraving or insignia carvings can make it extra special.

With many design possibilities, our diamond cross collection offers excellent craftsmanship to meet your preferences. Our gemologists also provide guidance in finding your dream cross to cherish!

Perfect for any occasion

Diamond cross pendants and necklaces are beautiful and meaningful pieces of jewelry that suit numerous occasions. A jewel-encrusted cross pendant glitters at the neckline and makes an elegant accent for a wedding or formal event. A small, dainty solitaire cross necklace can be adapted into work or daily wear. 

For religious events and holidays, a sparkling diamond cross is a perfect choice to have faith close to heart. On birthdays, diamond crosses make heartfelt and spiritual gifts for loved ones. With diverse styles for casual or dress wear, a stunning diamond cross is ideal for any special event all year round.

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