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Ludus crafts 24 karat gold  jewelry sold by gram weight. By combining innovative technology, timeless design, and radical transparency.

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Gold jewelry accounts for around 60% of the global gold demand. Each day, nearly $1 billion worth of jewelry is purchased as a token of love or remembrance, or as a form of personal expression. Like any other industry, jewelry is increasingly being purchased online.

Unlike the vibrant and long-established jewelry industry in the East, where $100 billion of high-karat jewelry is sold transparently by gram weight each year, the average item of jewelry sold by western brands loses from 80% to 90% of its value at the time of purchase. The Western Jewelry industry is highly consolidated, with 30% of the market controlled by the top 10 brands. There is a systematic dilution of precious metal content, and pure 24 karat gold is not offered by any of the leading players.

Gold jewelry

The character and weight of high-karat gold are unparalleled within the world of jewelry, which is one of the reasons why gold has been worn and loved by human beings for as long as we can remember.

Gold jewelry trends

Gold jewelry has been and always will be incredibly popular and sought after, but there are always different trends in the type of gold jewelry that tends to be in fashion at any particular time. Several gold jewelry trends have been the “in thing” for a few years now and continue to be so, including gold chains, ring stacks, and cufflinks.

Gold chains

The trend of wearing gold chains will not be going away anytime soon in Queens, NY, or anywhere else, whether worn in multiple chains or as just one single item of jewelry. Gold chains can come in the form of layers of delicate chains or as bold, heavy links and are available in most gold jewelry shops.

Ring stacks

Whether dressing for the occasion or just going casual, stacking up on the ring bling is another very popular gold trend in New York, NY. Ring stacks are not dissimilar to the fashion of wearing gold chains – while one is nice, three or more is even better.

Cuff links

Gold cuff links are a trend that is all about making an impact. Gold cuff links will certainly help start a conversation or, in some circumstances, just speak for themselves.

In addition to gold jewelry, we are also a platinum jewelry designer, meaning there is nowhere else you need to go in NYC for your jewelry needs.

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